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I Had a Dream

I Had a Dream
Rating: PG, for sensitive issues (coughLawsuitcough)
Genre: General
Pairings: N/A, but if you want to look at it as Changmin being paired up, it’s up to you >)

This was supposed to be finished on February 18, but due to some difficulties and my usually slow pace of working, this one-shot became two days late. This is quite a long one-shot and it also deals with Dong Bang Shin Ki's current situation, so readers,

You have been warned.

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100 Things Shim Changmin is no longer allowed to do

Title: 100 Things Shim Changmin is no longer allowed to do
One-shot/Meme; 1481 words
PG for cussing if you squint
N/A; Changmin-centric
Crack. Pure crack.
Lame humor and slightly offensive contents

Yos, I'm back again with another one-shot. This time, it's a crack meme type of one-shot which I got inspired by the Hetalia LJ community's Things Countries are Not Allowed to do in UN Meetings. Those memes are hilarious and I thought it would be fun if there was a list for the Dong Bang boys too so I'm giving it a shot with Changmin >D Though my sense of humor is quite lame, I hope you'd enjoy it ^^

This fiction might contain certain contents that some of you might find offensive towards the boys and I am sincerely sorry about that. However, please know that I love DBSK and I do not intend to offend them or anyone at all. Just because I make fun of them doesn't mean I look down to them )=

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